I’m Jennifer Lott - I’m here to help you simplify all things finance-related when it comes to your business.


I’m Jennifer Lott - I'm here to help you simplify all things finance-related when it comes to your business.


empowering small business owners with the necessary skills to understand their finances; and ultimately transform their vision into a successful business.


Every small business starts off as just a dream, and while you are focusing on growing that dream, let us join you on the journey – helping you make the best possible financial decisions for your business, every step of the way.

it is our purpose at La Fin to provide you with the financial support necessary for your business to thrive.

capturing expenses, storing the correct documents, planning for tax season, knowing when to register for various taxes, filing your required tax returns, paying yourself and staff… it’s EXHAUSTING! And it can be overwhelming when added to your list of daily responsibilities.
you know that your finances and how you manage them are integral to running your business successfully; BUT it’s time which could rather be spent growing your actual revenue streams and ultimately generating more profit.
With our financial expertise, we are here to simplify all things finance.
If you are a small business owner with a dream, La Fin is here to partner with you as your very own Chief Financial Officer.
Let La Fin help you invest in your financial future.

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