Provisional taxpayers submission requirements


Provisional taxpayers submission requirements

Following on from the last blog post, I thought it would be great to give you a quick checklist of the submissions which are required if you are classified as a provisional taxpayer.

If you are unsure of your taxpayer classification read this blog post first to understand which type of individual taxpayer you would be classified as.


31 August:            Submission (and payment) of first provisional tax return (IRP6)

28 February:       Submission (and payment) of second provisional tax return (IRP6)

30 September:  Optional third provisional tax payment (top-up payment if required)

31 January:         Submission of personal income tax return (ITR12)

Both the first and second provisional tax returns will need to be submitted following the calculations of your best estimate of your projected net taxable income for the relevant year. The estimate used needs to be as accurate as possible to avoid any interest or penalties on an under payment.

Having a tax professional assist in these calculations will mean a sound process and more accurate estimate. I would highly recommend that you find a well-matched tax professional to assist you in your calculations and submissions, someone you can trust and who will guide you through the required deadlines.

PS: As noted on the last blog post, be sure to only engage in the services of a registered tax practitioner if you are wanting professional assistance on anything tax related. SARS requires that all tax professionals offering any tax related services are registered as tax practitioners.

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